Flysurfer Indie (kite only)

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Ny LEI (tube) kite fra FS, nybegynner og viderekommende .

Passer perfekt med Flysurfer Force2 bar og liner

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Freeride, Progression, Wave
One-Strut L.E.I. Kite
Beginner +
5 / 7 / 9 / 11 / 13 / 15 / 17
Feel at home in various wind conditions with the INDIE, symbolizing adaptability and embracing the unexpected. Trust it like a patient teacher, gently nudging newcomers to master the art of kiteboarding. Its forgiving nature makes it your favorite anytime, as it gives you confidence to discover its true potential and rewards your skill. Become independent, fierce, and adventurous to complete your journey utterly unforgettable.


Minimalistic lightweight construction
We stay true to the most trustworthy and tested materials on the market so you can feel secure while progressing. The durable Dacron leading edge holds its shape over time, promising reliable performance even with heavy use. The light One-Strut frame features our Free-Flow-System to ensure the ideal air pressure throughout its structure. The sizes 11, 13, 15, 17 feature an additional Free-Flow-Connection.

Low aspect L.E.I.
The INDIE has the perfect all-around shape, a compact and well-balanced design with structural efficiency. The low aspect ratio frame features high lift profiles and an open wing-tip shape. It rolls with ease around its axis and pulls steady while being forgiving to its user.

Stable and balanced design
The INDIE sits perfectly balanced while parking the kite on the edge. It flys further back in the wind window, waiting for your bar input and reacting immediately when needed. The stability and reactivity you need when focusing on your surroundings or listening to the trainer’s input. Trust in our design and ride with confidence when the gust hits you or the wind is on the limit.

Swept back outline
The INDIE’s structural sweep enhances its maneuverability and supports its relaunch. It automatically drifts to the side of the wind window and parks there, waiting for the rider’s steering input. Effortlessly pull the steering line to fly the kite off the water.

Intuitive steering with precise bar feedback
The INDIE is super fun and easy to fly, with intuitive steering and excellent bar feedback. Playfully power it up, position it in the wind window or turn it without delay. The accessible performance gets you always going, and its effortless control will give you the confidence to push yourself.

Excellent drift and relaunch
The enjoyment hits a different level once you experience the kite’s driftability. The lightweight construction opens a world of opportunities and invites you to explore the unknown. Be adventurous with your riding, but don’t be afraid to make mistakes – the INDIE relaunches easily and will be airborne within seconds.

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